Log Number Class Start Class
Emergency Medical Responder Refresher [ Top ]
EMS-207-S023-2015Start Date: 05-22-2015
Time: 18:30
End Date: 05-24-2015 (Subject to Change)
Enroll Before: 05-02-2015
Sa/SuOakland Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
  Saturday/Sunday sessions begin at 0830 hours!
Emergency Medical Technician Refresher [ Top ]
EMS-203-S058-2015Start Date: 04-18-2015
Time: 08:30
End Date: 04-26-2015 (Subject to Change)
Reg. Closed
Sa/SuGarrett College
EMS-203-S059-2015Start Date: 06-13-2015
Time: 08:30
End Date: 06-21-2015 (Subject to Change)
Enroll Before: 05-24-2015
Sa/SuMFRI Western Maryland Regional Training Center
Emergency Medical Technician Skills [ Top ]
EMS-202-S044-2015Start Date: 06-09-2015
Time: 18:30
End Date: 06-18-2015 (Subject to Change)
Enroll Before: 05-20-2015
Tu/ThMFRI Western Maryland Regional Training Center
Fire Officer II [ Top ]
MGMT-202-S015-2015Start Date: 04-27-2015
Time: 18:30
End Date: 06-17-2015 (Subject to Change)
Reg. Closed
M/WLongmeadow Volunteer Fire Company
Hazardous Materials Operations [ Top ]
HM-102-S066-2015Start Date: 05-05-2015
Time: 18:30
End Date: 05-28-2015 (Subject to Change)
Reg. Closed
Tu/ThGarrett College Career Technology & Training Center
On-Line Emergency Vehicle Operator Skills [ Top ]
FIRS-112-S017-2015Start Date: 05-02-2015
Time: 08:30
End Date: 05-03-2015 (Subject to Change)
Reg. Closed
Sa/SuHagerstown Regional Airport Fire Department
FIRS-112-S018-2015Start Date: 06-20-2015
Time: 08:30
End Date: 06-21-2015 (Subject to Change)
Enroll Before: 05-31-2015
Sa/SuHagerstown Regional Airport Fire Department
Rescue Technician - Technical Rope Rescue [ Top ]
RES-205-S004-2015Start Date: 05-16-2015
Time: 08:30
End Date: 06-20-2015 (Subject to Change)
Enroll Before: 04-27-2015
Sa/SuWashington County Special Operations
Rescue Technician - Vehicle and Machinery Extrication [ Top ]
RES-210-S030-2015Start Date: 05-17-2015
Time: 08:30
End Date: 06-21-2015 (Subject to Change)
Enroll Before: 04-28-2015
SuMaugansville Goodwill Volunteer Fire Company

Application for seating in MFRI courses may be made at any time up to 20 calendar days prior to the advertised course start date. Please provide your regional office/registration center with the following information:

    Applicant's name; social security number; telephone number; department affiliation; class course code; EMS expiration date, if applicable; and location.

The registration center will issue a confirmation/stand-by letter to the applicant's department, after the pre-registration close date. An applicant's status may be checked with the regional office/registration center at any time. All weekday courses are subject to the scheduling of occasional weekend sessions.