Fire Inspector II (PILOT)

Instructional Hours: 36.00
This course has a Canvas component which requires internet access.

Course Objective: To provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to function as a Fire Inspector. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to prepare reports on fire safety issues using the proper codes and standards; conduct research of the various codes to address deficiencies noted during a site visit; develop a checklist to complete fire safety inspections; and give a legal deposition given the findings of an inspection, plan review, or complaint.

Course Description: Major topics covered in this course include enabling legislation and recommending policy modifications; local code development and permitting process; fire behavior and control; multiple-use occupancies; structural systems; evaluation building components; multi-use occupancy loads; determining means of egress; building systems; hazardous processes; process control; high hazard occupancy; evaluating fire system components; inspecting and maintaining special-agent fire extinguishing systems; selecting, locating and testing fire extinguishing systems; inspecting, testing and evaluating fire detection and alarm systems; building construction plans and plan review; inspection procedures; and complaint management.

Successful Completion: Students must attend required classroom sessions, demonstrate proficiency in the practical skills evolutions, complete all required online and classroom activities and homework assignments, and obtain a score of 70% or better on the final written and practical examinations.

*This course partially satisfies the professional certification requirements for Fire Inspector II.


MFRI Fire Inspector I (MGMT 204), or MFSPQB, NBFSPQ, or IFSAC Fire Inspector I certification.

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Instructional Hours: 36.00
This course has a Canvas component which requires internet access.
Start Date: 08-05-2024
End Date: 08-09-2024
First Class Time: 08:00 - 15:00
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Registration Open: 06-05-2024
Registration Close: 07-16-2024
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