Simulation of the Month

Hone your command and tactical skills with our simulation of the month

The Incident Command Simulation Center now provides a monthly simulation for first responders to use individually or for company-level training. The realistic simulations allow first responders to hone command and tactical skills in a safe simulated environment.

Simulation of the Month for November

You have been dispatched to a commercial garage fire. After you have conducted your 360 of the incident using the large arrow keys, you will be able to use the small upper arrow keys to move into the bay area or the office.

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Simulation of the Month for October

This simulation is an incident at a "taxpayer" structure. There is a furniture store on the first floor, with apartments on the two floors above the fire. The incident includes multiple rescues, and exposure concerns.

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Simulation of the Month for September

You have been dispatched to a reported dwelling fire. Prior to beginning the sim, review the Questions to Consider. After your Brief Initial Report and 360 Update Report, explore how you would apply your department's SOP’s/SOG’s to mitigate this situation.

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  • Review the simulation instructions and print out the documents.
  • Determine a location in your first due that matches the simulation.
  • Using your maps, running assignment, SOP’s/SOG’s, and water source (hydrant or draft), fill out the Questions to Consider document below.


  • When the simulation starts, you will see a navigation module in the lower left corner. Use the red arrows to navigate around the incident.
  • The left arrow will take you to Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and back to Alpha.
  • The right arrow will take you around the scene in the other direction.
  • Depending on the incident simulated, the navigation module may allow you to move to other incident locations. For example, you may be able to explore the interior of a structure or enter a room for triage.

Print These Documents to Support your Simulation Operations

Questions to Consider

The simulation questions follow a systematic approach for evaluating any incident companies respond to. Your ability to answer the questions demonstrates your knowledge, strategies and tactics required for successful mitigation of the incident. Questions you cannot answer, or are not certain about, can be researched to determine appropriate fireground procedures. Reference: more info.

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Brief Initial Report (BIR)

Answer the questions on this form and you will be able to effectively share your size up with other companies responding. When dispatch alerts the incident, the data you receive is “given information." The Brief Initial Report allows you to paint the picture with factual information and establish command presence.

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360 Update Report

The initial incident commander must conduct a 360-degree size up of the incident. It includes the who, what, when, where and how (including damages and conditions). If you are unable to complete a 360-degree size up, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to obtain one from another qualified source. UNTIL A BASEMENT FIRE IS RULED OUT, companies should not enter the structure on the first floor.

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Updated Status

This form should be used every ten minutes, or when conditions change significantly. Provide an updated report and strategies/tactics being used. If the Incident Commander (IC) changes, this information should be transmitted as well as the name of the IC now in charge.

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